I'm Steve Lawson, a student of Fine Art at Oxford Brookes School of Art, and previous student of History of Art at Goldsmiths University of London. Originally I'm from the historic city of York, but I've bravely crossed the Watford Gap to pursue my love of the arts in the beautiful city of Oxford.

I consider myself a (contemporary) Surrealist, but my influences are various, from Cubism to Pixar storyboards. As an artist, I primarily concern myself with ideas about machines and technology, confinement, control and the mind. Sometimes I'm a little too apocalyptic... But aren't we all? No? Alright, just me then.


I have had a wealth of experience even in my short time in the creative industries, with my artistic endeavours ranging from graphic and website design through to painting and illustration. Photographic commissions include weddings, live performances, film set stills photography, headshots, portraits and promotional materials.

what i can do for you

First and foremost, I'm a people person. As a friendly Northerner, there's not a lot I enjoy more than sitting down with friends for a nice cup of tea, and I think it's important to extend that demeanour to clients too. I believe in hard work and finishing what I start, even if it takes me longer than expected to see it through.

So, whether it's a painting or illustration, or perhaps some headshots or a performance you want capturing, I'm happy to consider a great range of projects and commissions. If you'd like to have a chat, do send me a raven (not literally, George R. R. Martin has no power here).


Thanks for your interest; I hope you enjoy my work.